Scooters - Vespa Yamaha Razor Lucky & Suzuki

There are bicycles, which take a lot of energy to use but are small and convenient, and there are motorcycles, which are fast and convenient but a little bigger and a lot more expensive, and then there is the perfect marriage of transportation and ease of use that fits between those categories – scooters!

One of the distinguishing characteristics of scooters is that they have a step-through frame, which means you don’t have to hike your legs over them like you do with a motorcycle. They can also be gas or electric-powered, depending on how much power and speed you want, and if you plan on recharging them or having to get gas every once in a while.




History of Scooters

The first types of vehicle that could be identified as a scooter were around as early as about 1914, and the first popular models were the Vespa and the Lambretta. The major purpose for them after the war was as a type of low-powered way to get around. Some of the reasons that scooters became popular were because of their low costs, the fact that they were easy to park and store, and that it was easier to get a license for a scooter than it was to get one for a car. One unique historical fact about scooters is that after WWII, Japan was forbidden to make aircrafts, so their factories started making scooters instead!

Some Different Types of Scooters

There are Italian, Japanese, British, Indian and German style scooters that have made their way into production and pop culture. Each have their own sets of positive and negative characteristics, though style points are often given to the Vespa’s, and they have remained at the top of the heap for just about the last 60 years.




For Kids, Adults, and the Elderly

There are different formats of scooter that are appropriate for different age groups of people as well. For children, there are the super-low powered varieties that are more considered toys to play with around the house than serious transportation. These are good things to buy for your children if you’re trying to get them to be more active rather than stay inside and play video games all day.

For adults, there are low-powered through high-powered varieties, and these can be used for casual transportation of short distances or for longer distances depending on the style and model. Scooters can be safe if driven properly, and it is possible to save on things like gas and parking in the long run as well.

For the elderly, another type of scooter is used as well – the kind that allows them to be mobile if they are injured or too obese, for example. These are the type of electric scooters that you see at grocery stores, or the kind that are on late-night commercials.

There are reasons to buy scooters at pretty much any stage of your life, depending on what you need them for, so knowing basic prices and functionality is always a good idea. If you have any questions, just call a local retailer and they’ll be happy to answer you.

Some of the most trusted brands of scooters include the ubiquitous Vespa scooter, Yamaha scooters, Razor scooters (mostly for kids), Lucky scooters, Suzuki, Kymco, Blunt, Cushman, Piaggio and others.  They can be 50cc or 150cc and can be a standing two-wheel deal or a 3 wheel scooter.  Whatever you go with, even if you walk into a physical retail store to give one a test ride, it's always way cheaper to find a scooter for sale online, since online retailers order direct from manufacturers and can sell cheap.  Good luck!